SSASS registration begins May 08, 2019. The basic entry fee for the summer school itself is $75 for graduate students/early career scholars/non-academics and $125 for full-time faculty. Early bird registration begins on May 08 and ends on June 30. Thereafter, registration rises to $110 for grads / early career folks and $160 for faculty. Each summer seminar will have its own registration—$75 grad and $125 full-time faculty. Participants can submit abstracts to and sign up for between one to three seminars (hence, for example, if you are grad student and you apply and are accepted to three different seminars—you will pay the basic seminar entry fee of $75 + $75 x 3 [$225] for the three seminars = $300 total by early bird June 30 deadline).

Priority registration will be given to those who sign up for three seminars beginning on May 08. Those wishing to take two seminars can register starting May 23. Registration for one seminar will begin June 07. Remember: registration fees increase on June 30.

We will provide one or two conference lunches as well as breakfast goodies each morning. Oh, and there will be refrigerator magnets, yes. #SSASS