We will issue a subsequent call for participation in the accepted SSASS seminars on March 15, 2019. Applicants to a seminar must submit a 150-250 word abstract describing how their own interests in affect study align (or perhaps jostle) with the seminar’s animations and provocations. Each seminar might also include additional submission requirements / guidelines (writing samples, artist statements, etc). There may also be opportunity for a select representative sampling of abstracts to the seminars to be further fleshed out and delivered as brief conference-style position-papers (10-12 minute presentations) on Wednesday of the summer school week. invitations for such presentation opportunities will go out to attendees with their notice of acceptance. The seminar convening duo will make the initial decisions about acceptance to their seminar, but all ultimate decisions and formal communication of acceptance to SSASS is done by the Capacious journal editorial team (Greg, Mathew, Wendy, Bryan).

Due date for abstract submission is April 30, 2019. Notification of acceptance will go out no later than May 08, 2019. If all available slots for any seminars are not filled by accepted submissions from participants (beginning with those who will register for three seminars first), the deadline to register for the summer school will extend until seminar sessions have filled. All seminars will be offered twice during the week, but please register as early as possible to guarantee yourself a seat in your top choice(s).

Of note, each morning of the summer school will begin with a 60-75 minute morning orientation where the seminar conveners will briefly address or otherwise engage with the group of all event attendees about the animations and provocations that will shape their approaches to affect study. And then, each evening for 75 minutes, any interested / non-exhausted participants from across all of the seminars will gather to share their moments of illumination and variably sensate encounters in a wide-ranging discussion—guided by the Capacious journal editors—of what it all portends for the study of affect and its futures.