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Society for the Study of Affect
Summer School
July 29 to August 02, 2019


There will be no better—more energizing, more community-building, more hopeful, more enlightening—way to spend a week of your summer. Whether you are an undergraduate/Master/PhD student, an early career academic, a tenured faculty person, or someone outside of the academy altogether, the Society for the Study of Affect Summer Seminars provides an amazing opportunity to learn, interact, and create alongside two dozen of the most engaging folks (established and up-and-coming scholars) working in/around affect studies from all around the world. Come be a participant!

Registration opens on Monday, April 1st. Seats in all seminars are available on first come, first served. We recommend registering sooner than later to guarantee your top choices. On June 1st, seminar registration rates will re-set to a higher amount. Come for just two or three days if you wish to take two seminars. Or stay for the full-week and register for as many as five seminars. Most seminars are capped no more than 25 students.

Beyond meeting in seminars, there will also be twice-daily gatherings on each seminar day for “animations’ & ‘provocations” intended to spark conversation and foster cross-contaminations between conveners and all of the seminar participants. If you attended #AffectWTF in 2015 or Capacious#AIMS in 2018, then you already know how uniquely interdisciplinary, convivially non-hierarchical and full-on invigorating these events are.

We have scheduled concurrent mini-conference style panels on Wednesday, July 31st (15 minute presentation slots) for graduate and early career researchers to share research and receive helpful feedback. If you have work in progress that you would like to present at #SSASS, send a message to capacious@millersville.edu by no later than June 1st if you would like to be considered for a presentation slot.

Society for the Study of Affect Summer School Seminars #SSASS
Monday July 29 to Friday August 02, 2019
Millersville University, Ware Center
Lancaster, PA, US


#SSASS Schedule (PDF)


Students or Early Career



There will be eleven separate seminars offered by convener-duos from a wide range of areas of specialization in addition to affect theories: critical art performance pedagogy, queer theory, trans studies, anti-colonization, critical theories of race, media theory, trauma studies, food ethics, political theory, sound studies, medievalist studies, history of emotion, ethnographic techniques, sensuous scholarship, film theory, religious studies, environmental humanities, educational theory, disability studies, feminist philosophies of care, decolonial and transnational feminism, posthuman theories, post/qualitative methodologies, rhetorical theory, and more.

There are no application requirements–just register and select your seminar! See seminars below. Each seminar is offered twice, once Monday to Tuesday and then again Wednesday to Friday. (Note that Seminar #11 is offered just once on Wednesday free-of-charge, and the first 25 registrants who choose to do so will be offered the opportunity to sign up for it.) Oh, and Ann Cvetkovich will also address the #SSASS assembled on Wednesday July 31!

Event-Full Affect

Nathan Snaza + Chad Shomura

Print Seminar

We Care a Lot: Theorizing Trans + Queer Affective Labor

Aren Aizura + Hil Malatino

Print Seminar

Affect // Violence // Mediation

Rebecca A. Adelman + Michael Richardson

Print Seminar

Rethinking Judgements on Post-Truth through the Performance of Affective Toning, Contagion, and Aesthetic Delight

Tony Sampson + Mikey Georgeson

Print Seminar

Racial Affects, Racial Embodiment: Shame, Disgust (and more)

Jennifer LeMesurier + Boram Jeong

Print Seminar

Scenes: Sites of Affective World-Making and -Writing

Kerryn Drysdale + Omar Kasmani

Print Seminar

Affect’s Histories: Feeling Pre-Modern

C. Libby + Glenn D. Burger

Print Seminar

Global Intimacies

Courtney O’Dell-Chaib + Rebecca Moody

Print Seminar

Affective Compositions: Hooks, Lures, and Temporalities of the Already-(Future)-Felt or Music Research-Creation with Oblique Curiosities

Sarah E. Truman + David Ben Shannon

Print Seminar

Putting Affect Theories to Work With/In Educational Inquiries: Becoming Wild

Nancy Lesko + Bessie P. Dernikos

Print Seminar

Instant Class Kit

Stephanie Springgay + Andrea Vela Alarcon& (runs once Wednesday July 31)

Print Seminar


BEFORE YOU REGISTER: Read through the seminar descriptions for all the details about participation expectations, any advance readings/writing, and other pertinent matters. Study the schedule closely before registering–you can squeeze into 4 different seminars!

  • Seminar Cycle 1: seminars # 1-10 run Monday and Tuesday
  • Seminar Cycle 2: seminars # 1-10 run again Wednesday (pm), Thursday, and Friday
  • Free-of-charge 11th seminar: Wednesday only (for the first 25 registrants who choose)

After you have paid for 1-4 seminars, you will be redirected to a seminar-selection form with a calendar view to help you book your seminars. If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process for the different seminars, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you need a letter of acceptance in order to receive travel support or other funding from your institution, please notify us and we will send any necessary confirmation notice about your participation to you &/or your institution. Contact us at capacious@millersville.edu.



Students or Early Career




After registration, you will receive an email for the #SSASS organizers confirming your seminar selection(s) and asking you for a 150-250 word statement of interest in the seminar(s) while also capturing something of your affectively SSASS-y being. This way the organizers and conveners can get to better know you and your interests. The seminar conveners will also be in touch in the weeks/days leading up to the seminar to supply any necessary readings or to make sure that you follow through on any pre-seminar assignments/tasks.


Pre-June 1Student/Early Career/Non-academic rate4 seminars across the week = $420
3 seminars across the week = $340
2 seminars on M-T or W-F = $250
1 seminar any of the days = $150
+ $6 processing fee

Post-Jun. 1Student/Early Career/Non-academic rate4 seminars across the week = $495
3 seminars across the week = $415
2 seminars on M-T or W-F = $325
1 seminar any of the days = $225
+ $6 processing fee

Pre-June 1Faculty rate4 seminars across the week = $520
3 seminars across the week = $450
2 seminars on M-T or W-F = $350
1 seminar any of the days = $200
+ $6 processing fee

Post-June 1Faculty rate4 seminars across the week = $620
3 seminars across the week = $550
2 seminars on M-T or W-F = $450
1 seminar any of the days = $300
+ $6 processing fee


FIRST, PLEASE NOTE: The main campus of Millersville University is located in Millersville, Pennsylvania. The town of Millersville is roughly 6 miles southwest of the city of Lancaster. No events will be held at the main campus. All events will be at or within walking distance of the downtown campus Ware Center on 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster PA 17603.

The closest airport to Lancaster is Harrisburg International Airport. There is car rental and taxi service between Harrisburg and downtown Lancaster. A taxi or Uber/Lyft ride from the Harrisburg airport to Lancaster is 32 miles (about 45 minute drive)—cost is $60-75 usually. Not cheap!

If traveling to the conference internationally, it is often best to fly into Philadelphia International Airport and then take an Amtrak train from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station directly to Lancaster. Once you’ve arrived in Philadelphia, you can take the SEPTA train ($8) from the airport to the Philadelphia 30th Street train station where it connects with Amtrak.

Amtrak will get you from Philadelphia to Lancaster in one hour and ten minutes and offers eight daily trains from 30th Street Station in Philadelphia to Lancaster: $16-19 for a one-way ticket. Please check for schedules and train information.

Once at Lancaster’s train station, a Red Rose Trolley (approximately $3) takes you from the train station to the center of downtown where the hotels and convention center are located (5-10 minute trip). There are also taxi cabs generally available outside of the train station for the less adventurous. Weather permitting, it is a nice walk (about one mile) from the Lancaster train station—down Queen Street—to the downtown hotels. See visitlancastercity.com/transportation.


We have secured lower room rates at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square. Follow this link to book at a discounted cost. If anyone traveling internationally needs assistance with these arrangements, let us know at capacious@millersville.edu.

Core Committee

Gregory J. Seigworth Millersville University (United States)

Mathew Arthur Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Wendy J. Truran University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (United States)

Bryan G. Behrenshausen Red Hat (United States)

Editorial Board